Glory, glory hallelujah!

Well, I found my case! My biggest concern going into this was finding the right case to make my first portable out of… I was having no luck online and then yesterday, out of nowhere, it was like the heavens opened up and dropped it in my lap. I still can’t believe it.

I was at the Northeast Comicon in Wilmington, MA yesterday and to my surprise, they had vendors there that were selling retro video games and consoles (it was my first con). I was going through a box of random old Atari stuff when I saw it… the Atari Trak-Ball. I picked it up in disbelief and looked it over and thought, “Oh my god, the dimensions are perfect!” There’s just enough room to fit the entire PSOne screen board, the NES2 board AND there’s even the perfect bump-out on the back to slip games into. Now, the screen and NES2 boards are sitting on my desk at work so I won’t be able to try fitting them in until tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure that they will.

Here are the pictures:

Photo Dec 05, 11 28 09 PM

Photo Dec 05, 11 28 44 PM

Photo Dec 05, 11 29 35b PM

Photo Dec 05, 11 41 37 PM

Photo Dec 05, 11 42 45 PM

Photo Dec 05, 11 45 38 PM

So I think I’m going to call it the TrakNES. ┬áReally hoping I can figure out how to do case work and not screw this up but I think with the help of everyone over on the bitfix forums, I should be okay. ┬áCannot wait to get started!

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