Dremel and button positions

I finally got to use my dremel! I cut off the six support pieces from the inside of the front case so I could see how the PSOne screen and NES2 board would fit in. I haven’t had a chance to remove all of the unnecessary parts from the NES2 board yet so hopefully I can do that tonight to get a better idea of how much space I have to work with.

Here are some more pictures post-dremel and where I think the D-pad and buttons might go:

Photo Dec 07, 1 03 22 PM

Photo Dec 07, 1 03 40 PM

Photo Dec 07, 1 03 40 PMb

Photo Dec 07, 1 49 54 PM

Photo Dec 07, 1 50 04 PM

Photo Dec 07, 1 50 11 PM

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