Desoldering sucks

So this just happened:

Photo Dec 08, 2 23 22 PM

Photo Dec 08, 2 23 38 PM

I got everything desoldered from the NES2 board and left the cartridge slot for last.  I thought I had every pin desoldered enough so I tried removing it as carefully as I could.  Guess I missed a few…

I guess I’ll have to either buy another board now or maybe I can somehow find just the cartridge slot itself for sale.  That and I burned the same thumb twice in 5 minutes.

Update:  Apparently you can just slide these pins back in and it will all work again.  So I’m gonna try that and hope for the best!

Update 2:  I think I did it!  Hopefully it still works.

Photo Dec 08, 5 08 11 PM

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